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Mustard’s Retreat (David Tamulevich and Michael Hough), met in Ann Arbor, MI as short order cooks in 1974. Within a year and a half they had both quit the restaurant and were doing music full time. Forty four years later, they have 12 highly acclaimed recordings of their own, plus 3 more CDs with their songwriting collective, The Yellow Room Gang. Mustard’s Retreat has performed more than 4,000 shows over those years, traveled more than 1 million miles. David and Michael will be joined at the festival this year by Libby Glover. Libby was a founding member of Mustard’s Retreat, and the trio worked together for several years before she moved away from Michigan. When she moved back, the trio picked up like no time had passed.  This will be the first time that Michael & David will be touring with Libby in New England: they are anxious to introduce her to audiences, and them to her. They will have a new trio CD as well.  See more about the Trio and where they will be playing on Mustard’s web page.

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