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Charlie’s home base is in New Bedford, Massachusetts where he works as an organizer, performer, and supporter of the local music scene. He performs across the East Coast and in Europe.

Charlie got his start with a weekly gig in a bar in old Quebec City, and for ten years played the streets, clubs, and coffee houses from Boston to Northern Quebec. He then formed the well known acoustic band, Lennox, with three other musicians and toured throughout Quebec and Ontario. After that a small town in Massachusetts was his home base from which he journey to play in Boston, Florida, Virginia and other locations along the east coast.

Career highlights include concerts at Yale University, Brandeis University, University of Quebec, and at the Bicentennial Celebration in Washington, D.C. Charlie’s original songs have been awarded by Boston WGBH Radio’s Original Songwriters’ contest, Montreal’s CHOM-FM for original music, and Radio Canada, which produced Charlie’s songs on an album under the Transcription label.

Recently Charlie has produced a self-titled acoustic album of his songs. His music has been described as, “a hint of Cat Stevens, a bit of Leonard Cohen, and just a touch of the upbeat fun reminiscent of Chuck Berry!”

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